88-88 Casino Special Promotion

Winson 2021-03-22
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This promotion is on one month basis starting from 01/09/2021 to 30/09/2021.

How to play and win

Players must bet on $5 and if the banker hit 88 and player hit 88,this consider you win the prize of $1288 and if in the stated time period if you hit the second time your prize will be $1288.each player max can only claim twice in the stated period.

How to claim your prize?

When you strike the 88-88 ,you have to take picture and send to our customer service whatsapp and text them the date , time ,which casino ,which table.this promotion is open to all our casino available to play on our kb99bet.com.please remember to take picture and send to our customer service ,if no picture proof will be consider void.All pay out will be issued to the player account at the end of the promotion on the 1st of the next month at 6pm.

This Promotion is Eligible only for Live Casino only.

This Promotion cannot be used with any other On going promotions.meaning that you cannot be on a no promotion customer.

KB99BET reserves the rights to decline any payout and suspend the account for investigation if there are any form of suspicious activities or third party software used. (All credits will be deemed void.)


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